A lifetime ago

A lifetime ago I told you I was planning to make a change.

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31. August 2010 by Rachel
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Being naked in public (what you need to know)

A little while ago I posted about a change in direction.

I'm now standing in the nakedness of having made a Big Decision™ and I've noticed something pretty important (and not just that I'm a bit tubby).

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22. February 2010 by Rachel
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Into the Quiet

Over the last few months I've been working up to making a major decision.

It kept popping its head up and I've largely been suppressing it - continuing on a path that wasn't working just to avoid a glorious risk.
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28. June 2009 by Rachel
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To Coffee, With Love

When it comes to coffee, like many things, I'm definitely no expert but I'm very fussy.

It may not surprise my friends or regular readers of this blog but I don't have much patience for fancy-shmancy pseudo-coffee drinks.

You're likely to get a slightly odd look if you ask me for sugar in your coffee before tasting it - the same way I'll quietly glare at liberal use of salt and pepper before tasting my cooking.

I apologise to the girl behind me in the queue at Velvet the other day who ordered a large skinny decaf with two sugars - yes, I did laugh at you.

So now you see where I stand.  Firmly in the uninformed but self-righteous camp.
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26. May 2009 by Rachel
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Keeping it balanced

In my experience, creating and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is one of the most difficult things to do.

I read enough zen and life management blogs to know it really should be easy - do what you love and what is important to you.

Doing it all?

But what if you're a greedy Gen Y who wants it all?

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14. May 2009 by Rachel
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